Welcome Phoenix

Say hello to Phoenix, who arrived right into his daddy’s hands yesterday afternoon. Weighing in at 8 lb 2 oz, he surprised us by being a good bit bigger than his older brothers.

Mama labored so beautifully, with such peace and intuition and great support from family.

This guy also took a just a little bit longer to get here, finally giving dad a chance to catch this time!

His big brother was involved every step of the way and is just head-over-heels in love with his newest baby.  His other big brother managed to nap through everything, waking up to find a new baby in the house but he’s just as happy to have a little brother.

I have had such a wonderful time working with this really fun family. Congratulations to everyone!

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  1. Such an awesome family. I have known Charley since high school.
    Him and Cat are awesome parent and shes such a rockstar!!

  2. How great his big brother helped deliver him. He is a cool little kid…he will never forget that experience. Congratulations. I thought for sure you were having a girl. He is a cutie

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