What We Do

  • Complete Midwifery Care

    Complete prenatal, home birth and postpartum care with an experienced midwife. With a small and intimate practice setting, you don't have to rotate your visits with several midwives and wonder who will attend your birth.

  • Focused on You

    Each visit allows plenty of time for questions, concerns, education and simply getting to know one another. Family and friends are always welcome at visits and sibling participation is encouraged. By the time labor begins, a mutual friendship and trust has developed.

  • We Do It All

    Midwifery services include ordering and collecting routine lab work and ordering routine ultrasound examinations. Additional testing, including genetic screening, and ultrasound are done as necessary or desired. We also offer waterbirth, birth photography and doula services.

  • Home Birth

    When you go into labor, Karen is with you from the time you’re ready for her to arrive. She and a qualified assistant stay with you throughout your labor and birth, providing one-on-one care and support. After the birth Karen does a complete newborn examination and stays for several hours, making sure parents and baby are healthy and comfortable.

  • Hospital Birth Support

    Planning to have your baby in the hospital? Karen can provide complete prenatal and postpartum care and labor support.

  • After Care

    A postpartum visit is done on day one or two, at which time newborn screening, including metabolic screening, hearing screening and congenital heart disease screening are done and the birth certificate is completed and filed. A second postpartum visit is scheduled for two to three weeks. A final visit postpartum visit is done at six to eight weeks after the birth and includes a pap smear, if needed.

  • And Finally

    Karen is always available to you directly to address any questions or concerns that might arise.