Welcome Joseph

Meet Joseph, who arrived the other day in a wonderful way. Mom was so in tune with her body and her labor, doing just what she needed to do to meet her baby. My favorite part? Listening to mom sing hymns through contractions, in harmony with Dad.

He is a perfect 7 lb 10 oz, bigger than we thought he’d be.

In addition to mom and dad, he’s also welcomed by his big brother and will soon meet his large and adoring extended family. Congratulations to everyone!

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  1. Ooooh! I do love the idea of singing through labor. GOD is SO GOOD. And what a handsome little man he is. I so want to see him and touch him (and the rest of you). We love you SO MUCH and pray for you all daily!

  2. What a beautiful boy! I’m so glad that God answered your prayers for a much better labour and delivery this time. What a delight to look back and remember singing through the contractions! Congratulations to the entire family.

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