Welcome Jayce

This big guy arrived last week.  Isn’t he adorable?

While working so very hard, Mama listened to her inner voice and just knew she and baby needed to be in the hospital. Phone call was made, bags were packed, cars were loaded and off we went.

Mama got some much-needed rest and continued her work, finally meeting her baby and finding out he’s a HE.  At  9 pounds, he’s more than 10% of his mama’s starting weight.  So much for the idea that women have to be big or babies have to be small for birth to work!

Once out, he needed a little help and some careful watching for a few days but he’s just fine.  As always, we are grateful for the skilled, kind and compassionate team at Winnie Palmer for their care.

Congratulations to mom, dad, big sister and an incredible entourage of supportive and loving family.

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