About Karen

I have been a Licensed Midwife since 2000. I began attending births as an assistant in 1994. I graduated from The School of Complementary Medicine in 2000 and have since cared for over a thousand women and their families as a Licensed Midwife.

My interest in birth and babies began in childhood but became a passion after the birth of my first child in 1982. Natural, normal birth just made sense to me and I quickly realized that midwifery was what I was meant to do. As my family grew, I was finally able to answer the call and work toward becoming a midwife. My favorite part of being a midwife is having the incredible privilege to witness the amazing transformation that birth brings to women and their families.


  • I believe midwifery care is a friendly partnership between midwife and a woman and her family.
  • I believe pregnancy and birth are normal processes and my definition of normal is broad. My underlying assumption is that all is normal and will remain so until proven otherwise.
  • I believe that each woman is unique and deserves care that meets her needs and desires.
  • I believe that, for most pregnancies and births, medical intervention is inappropriate and may result in unnecessary complications for mom and baby. There are occasions when these interventions may be necessary, but they should be rare.
  • I am not “anti-doctor” or “anti-hospital”. When intervention is necessary, I am very grateful for skilled doctors and nurses, modern medical technology, surgery and hospitals. I never hesitate to refer to a physician or to transport to a hospital when necessary.
  • I have a relaxed style and strive to create a calm, comforting and reassuring atmosphere for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • I encourage women to trust themselves and believe in their ability to give birth and be good mothers.
  • Finally, I believe in the power of both a good laugh and a good cry!