Staying Healthy & Well


Zika and Pregnancy

Zika Prevention for Pregnant Women

Nutrition and Food Safety

Nutrition Basics

More Nutrition Basics

Iron and Anemia

Water and How to Get Enough

Folic Acid

Food Safety

More Food Safety at a Glance

Common Discomforts

Common Discomforts of Pregnancy, What Causes Them and What to Do About Them

Morning Sickness, Nausea and Vomiting

Swelling Solutions


Self-Care for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Exercise and Staying Fit

Fitness and Exercise

More on Exercise and Pregnancy

The Truth About Prenatal Exercise from Fit Pregnancy

Essential Exercises

Safe Travels

Seat Belts and Pregnancy

Traveling While Pregnant

More on Traveling While Pregnant

Sex and Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

More about Sex During Pregnancy

Mental Health and Pregnancy

Depression During Pregnancy

Coping with Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy

Stress and Pregnancy

Medications and Pregnancy

Medications During Pregnancy

InfantRisk Helpline: Answers to Questions About the Use of Drugs During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


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