How does our practice work?

  • Karen Bove, LM provides comprehensive prenatal, home birth and postpartum care.
  • She attends births in the greater Central Florida area, including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, Flagler and northern Brevard counties.
  • Karen visits you, offering you the comfort and convenience of truly home-based care.
  • In order to give you the best and most personal care possible she limits the number of births she attends each month.

What does care include?

  • Prenatal visits are scheduled every four weeks up until your 28th week of pregnancy, every two weeks until your 36th week, then weekly until birth. Each visit includes measuring blood pressure, testing urine, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, measuring his growth and, as he grows, determining his position.
  • Each visit allows plenty of time for questions, concerns, education and simply getting to know one another. Family and friends are always welcome at visits and sibling participation is encouraged. By the time labor begins, a mutual friendship and trust has developed.
  • Services include all ordering and/or collecting routine lab work and ultrasound. Additional testing, genetic screening and ultrasound is done as necessary or desired.
  • When you go into labor, Karen is with you from the time you’re ready for her to arrive. She and a qualified assistant stay with you throughout your labor and birth, providing one-on-one care and support.
  • After the birth Karen does a complete newborn examination and stays for several hours, making sure both mother and baby are healthy and breastfeeding is well-established.
  • A postpartum visit is done on day one or two, at which time newborn screening (metabolic screening,  hearing screening and congenital heart disease screening) is done and the birth certificate is completed and filed.
  • A second postpartum visit is scheduled for two to three weeks.
  • A final visit postpartum visit is done at six to eight weeks after the birth and includes a pap smear, if needed.
  • Finally, Karen is always available to you directly to address any questions or concerns that might arise.

What does it cost?

  • The total fee of $5500 includes complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care, newborn care at birth and all newborn screening tests, birth supplies (including use of our complete birth pool kit) and a travel fee that allows your midwife to provide home visits for prenatal and postpartum care.
  • Lab work, ultrasound and physician consultations are not included in Karen’s fee.  Lab work discounts are available for those without insurance.
  • Have insurance? Karen will work with you but we do not contract with any private insurance company. All fees are ultimately the responsibility of the patient. Keep in mind that Florida law requires most insurers to cover midwifery services and home birth.
  • Not sure if you qualify for Medicaid? We can help you find out. If you qualify, Karen is an in-network provider with the Sunshine Health plan.  She can also work with Prestige and Staywell  plans.  If you’re on a different plan we can help you switch.
  • There are some out-of-pocket costs to you for services not covered by Medicaid or private insurance, including travel and birth assistant fees.
  • More insurance questions?  Please contact us!  Every plan is different, even within the same insurance company or with the same employer.  Let us help you find out what’s covered and how to maximize your benefits.
  • No insurance? Does your insurance plan have a high deductible? Don’t qualify for Medicaid? Cash discounts and payment plans are available. Karen also accepts most major credit cards.
  • Billing questions?  Call, text or email and we’ll be happy to answer!