Welcome Tirza

Sweet little Tirza arrived last week, missing sharing a birthday with her midwife by just a couple of hours. Mama worked hard and dad was just incredibly loving, encouraging and supportive, truly a labor of love for both.

6 lb 10 of of perfection!

She’s welcomed by an adoring entourage of older siblings, doting aunts and grandmas and extended family.  Congratulations to everyone!

Welcome Reddix

Sweet Reddix Zayne joined us early this morning, arriving peacefully in the water after a short but calm labor.  He’s 7 lb 5 oz of cute and welcomed with much love by his awesome mom and dad and very excited big brother.  Congratulations to everyone!

Welcome Evangeline

Sweet Evangeline Grace joined us early Thursday morning, weighing in at 6 lbs 9 oz.  Her mom was amazing as always and her support team couldn’t have been better.

She is the fifth baby to join this amazing family and I’ve been lucky enough to greet all of them as they made their way into the world.

She’s got a lot of love from Andrew, Arielle and Zoe and Danielle watching down from above.


Welcome Daniel

Say hello to Daniel, who joined us yesterday.  He is 6 lb 7 oz of cuteness and perfection.  His mom was so incredibly strong and powerful as she worked to get him here!  He is welcomed with so much love by his parents and extended family.  Congratulations to all!